Treasure of Iimori Shrine

Yasha-men (mask of demo)

Soong style koma-inu
(A pair of stone guardian dogs)

Tangible cultural properties of Fukuoka Prefecture

The difference between common koma-inu is that one takes the burr and another holds baby lion. This kind of koma-inu is less than ten cases in the whole country.

Konitoodoshi Kawatutumidou Sugakegusoku

The family crest of the Kuroda family,
Wisteria arranged in circular form.


Suekoto/Late old swords


Koto/old swords



Both Suekoto, used for the ceremony.

Utsuho (A quiver)

An utsuho was used by shogun for an arrow quiver
to be carried on the back.

Sakatsura-ebira (a fur-covered quiver)

This quiver was made in Sengoku period.
It is covered by the wool of the wild boar upside down.



This is a pair of a sword holder which was decorated
with the horse race drawing.


A table used for a bell holder to call retainers.

Feudal lord Tsunamasa Kuroda Mifude

Hand writing by Tsunamasa Kuroda, alittle cuckoo and ume tree


Drawers painted the hotel of fifty-three stages of the Tokaido decorated with gold foil, and wood of fine grain was used. It can be seen the scenery at the time of Edo.

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