Chugusha (Minatsuki-no-Ohoharaishiki)

- June 30, 3pm -


There are 5 shinto priests. Each priest represents kami of wood, fire, soil, gold and water. Fire coming from wood, soil made by fire, gold coming from soil, water coming from gold and water makes woodc It is a circle of transmigration (Rinne Tensho). Those 5 priests offer a shinto liturgy of great purification and gomaki (everyone's invocations).


This ring is hung on the entrance of the house during the summer, and prays for a perfect health. When the summer is over, this ring is putted back to the shrine.
It also comes with a sweet mochi called "Hakata Minazuki" which is a delicious Japanese sweets. Since it's a raw food, please have it early.


Gomaki is a wood for burning when a holy fire is lighted.
Write your wish, your name, your age on gomaki.It is 500yen each.

♣ From June 1st

From June 1st, shrine office recruits the prayer applicants of the gomaki.

♣ On June 30

On June 30, we will prepare for the ceremony from the morning at the chugu-sha.

Gomadan (an altar for the fire ceremony) is made by crossing trees to nine steps and set up barrier between sacred area and the real world. Making 5 colors of blue, red, yellow, white, and black gohei (ritual wand with pleated paper), gogyo is placed around the gomadan.

♣ Before 4pm;

Shinto priests and representatives are wearing "shiro shozoku", a white costumes worn at the Shinto rituals, and going to temizusha for cleaning their hands and rinsing their mouths.

♣ 4pm; ceremony starts.

♦ Shubatu (the purification ceremony before starting a ritual)
♦ Kensen (offering food to the kami)
♦ Norito (reading a prayer)
♦ Starting the goma fire ritual
5 shinto priests reading each prayer and deliver 5 colors of gohei to the gomadan.
Playing a drum, the chief priest reads each one of the wishes written on the gomaki and subsequently the chief priest throws it into the fire.
Tamagushi-hairei (offering twigs of sakaki with cut papers)
Tessen (clearing away the food offered)
Greetings of thank by the chief priest.
Granting the chinowa for everyone.

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