Genpuku-shiki (coming-of-age ceremonies)

The procession of those who become 20 years old

In Japan, we cerebrate those becoming 20 years old, and encourage them to become aware of their responsibility as adults and make a resolution to survive.

At Iimori shrine, coming of age ceremony held as an ancient style under the tutelage of Kiyotada Ogasawara, the 31st current headmaster of Ogasawara-ryu.

20 years old men and women dress in the samurai family in the Kamakura era, and experience a rite of crowning a young man with a traditional cap for the first time ("kakan-no-gi").

This ceremony is the beginning of three major courtesy of their lives.

Those who visited Iimori shrine for "hatsumiya" (the first shrine visits) when they were a baby, are invited. And everyone who is interested in this ancient style, who didn't visit Iimori shrine for hatsumiya, is also welcome.

There are two days, every second Sundy and Monday of January.

Reservation is needed and the fee is 20000yen per person which includes costume and photos.

Entering the rite hall

Noshi sanbo introduction
(the beginning of the ceremony)

A boy "kakan-no-gi"

A girl "kakan-no-gi"

Empty sake bottle into another
Drinking sake

Speech by headmaster of


Accepting a cup

Pour into mecho- bottle from ocho-bottle

Leaving the rite hall

(Formal headwear for court nobles
of adults)

(Formal headwear for children)

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