(Chugu Shrine Foundation Day/Major Purification)

October 28 is the chugu shrine foundation day.
Also cerebrating the foundation day, Gomataki ceremony (burning of votive tablet) is held at chugusha as major purification for the end of the year. From the beginning of October, Gomaki (votive tablet for this ceremony) is available at the shrine office.


There are 5 shinto priests. Each priest represents kami of wood, fire, soil, gold and water. Fire coming from wood, soil made by fire, gold coming from soil, water coming from gold and water makes woodc
It is a circle of transmigration (Rinne Tensho). Those 5 priests offer a shinto liturgy of great purification and gomaki (everyone's invocations).

Chief priest offering a Shinto liturgy and invocation service

5 Shinto priests offering a Shinto liturgy of great purification and invocation service

Distribute of rice cake after the ceremony

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