Kanreki-no-iwai Yoroikizome-no-gi

(60th birthday ceremony)

At sixty years of age, the sexagenarian cycle is completed and we return to the zodiac sign of the birth years. People usually celebrate their sixtieth birthdays and wear a red vest on this day. But at our shrine, we celebrate with the style of armor known as yoroi from the 9th century which was armor for samrai.

♣ Date/time

April 29th (Green day/Birthday of Emperor Showa)
10am~, 2pm~

♣ Place

Kaguraden (hall of sacred music)/temporary ceremony sites in front of Iimori Shrine

♣ Participants

Anyone turning sixty years old and willing to be samurai can be participate this ceremony, and we will pray for your many successes and good health.
The first 8 people will be accepted.

♣ Participation Fee

30000yen per person, including
♦ Photo
♦ Gifts ( hanging scroll, lucky charm for good health and long living)
♦ Invocation service (the Momote-Shiki kyudo ceremony by 10 archers;
    for praying for the people's good health; bows were shot in order to
    remove negative vibes and to drive off evil spirits.)
♦ Yoroi rental (armor, helmet, sword and bow are all real)

Photos from the first kanreki ceremony in Iimori shrine (April 29, 2009)

> The procession of priest and participants

> Purification ceremony at the front of haiden

> Wearing armor, helmet, and sword

> Drinking omiki(sake);Sankon (three trays of drink and food)

> the Momote-Shiki kyudo ceremony

Praying for the participant's good health. Originally, 10 archers shoot 10 arrows in turn, and it became 100 shoot (momote means a number of 100).

> Calling of ei-ei-oh!

> An exit from the ceremony site

> Worship at the end

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