Children's sumo tournament

When 210 days past from Risshun (the beginning of spring), it is a season of the rice flowering and also Typhoon season. Kazadomesai is a children's sumo tournament to keep off a typhoon. "kaza" means wind, and "dome" means to stop, therefore, this festival is to send away the God of wind by offering sumo tournament.

<In the pledge for fair play>

♣ Children's sumo tournament starts 1pm.

1. A group tournament for Kindergartener elders
2. A group tournament for Elementary school's upper grade students
3. An individual match for elementary school student

It is held 17 times since this festival started and kindergartener sumo will start from this year. It is to promote children's healthy body, and to give an opportunity to learn and feel Japanese mind and culture through this festival.

A baby's dohyo-iri

Before the tournament starts, there is "a baby's dohyou-iri" (the ceremony of entering the ring for babies) to pray for their good health. We always welcome professional sumo rikishi to hold babies and this year's guest rikishi were coming from the Shikoroyama stable to help the festival.

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