Spring Festival : Kusajishi-shiki

(The Ogasawara school kyudo ceremony)

Kusajishi-shiki is a Japanese archery ceremony and also a hunting performance with an ancient rite of Ogasawara School. It is succeeded by the shogun ate family since Prince Yoritomo Minamoto. The ancient rite was inherited to show the high military skills of the samurai.

Since 2000, under the permission of 31st current headmaster of Ogasawara-ryu, Kiyotada Ogasawara, this ceremony has been held on the third Sunday of March as a spring festival. You can be satisfied with the twang of the special arrow called "jindouya" which samurai archers shoot.


Smaller sized versions of the "Hikime" arrow which have a large turnip-shaped arrow head which whistles when in flight, with the feather of the mountain bird.




targets names of Deer-shaped target

24 targets, especially, the center of the target called "sadame" and it is a vital spot of Deer.

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