Mushioi-matsuri in Togire  (July 28th)

♣8:30am, the rites of worship starts

Purification before departure for setting up the flags in Togire village

  Mushioi means to send mushi (insects harmful to rice) away.

  This festival is to prepare for midsummer by setting up the flags in every direction of the rice fields in the village and the shrine.

  The flags are made by a bamboo tree. The top of the bamboo flags, it is tied a label of the protection against insects to pray for a good harvest and prevention of such insects.

  Children make a line to walk around the village, and the top of the line, there is an elder to lead the children. They sing a song called "mushioi-uta" (send insects away-song) and play taiko drums while walking around. It is only quiet countryside event for children.

  At the end of this festival, Children are given many snacks for a reward and it makes them smile!

♣They put a flag next to the sacred tree in the shrine,
   and 6 flags in every direction of the rice field in the village.

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