The New Year

The Japanese New Year

The New Year is one of the most important occasions for all Japanese.

New Year's Day is a day to welcome deities at home with offerings and entertain them with special delicacies. It is believed that on New Year's Day the spirit of the deities fills the household.

People pay the first visit of the year to shrines with their families to pray for health and happiness for the coming year. It is called 'Hatsumo de'. In the western Japan including this region, there is a custom called 'sansha-mairi' in which people visit different shrines (about three shrines in most cases) during the first three days of the New Year.

Furthermore, there is a lucky direction called Eho. Eho changes every year. If you can find a Shinto shrine from your house, you can enjoy 'Ehomairi' to give you more luck to the shrine.

Iimori mountain covered with snow.


the raffle will start a midnight every year. / 1000yen per ticket / Luxurious prize! / Every ticket wins a prize!

Many luxurious prizes of Fukumikuji

Try it and see how the luck of this year!

'Meotonagi' (a couple nagi) and 'Naginoha' (leaves of nagi).
It is famous for marriage.

Special Bus Service

During the first three days of the New Year, we operate round trip bus between Hashimoto station and Iimori bus stop. The bus runs every 30 minutes from 9am to 5pm.

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