The annual Setsubun-sai ceremony

A ceremony held on February 3, the day before spring, in which people scatter roasted soy beans in order to drive away goblins and draw in happiness. People collect up and eat an amount of beans that corresponds to their age, expressing the wish for good health.

At Iimori shrine, scattering beans event is held twice a day, from 11am and 7pm. At night event, a little scary Oni (goblins) is coming from the mountain to scare people with bamboo stick. Even though it is scary, you will be good health during the year if Oni spanks you.

Children and Oni

Fukumame box

"Fukumame box" is selling during the event. It is wooden measuring box filled with roasted beans and a raffle. You can enjoy scattering, or just throwing or eating tasty roasted soy beans in the box, but you should keep looking for a colored bean in the box. It is exchangeable with nice goods.
The box is 500yen.

Engimono (lucky charm) or sometimes a bicycle can get in the raffle.

Toshi-otoko, Toshi-onna (men and women who were born in the year of the same symbolic animal with that of the current year) are throwing roasted beans from the stage in kamishimo (old samurai costume).

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