Nagoshi-Shishimawashi  (July 25th)

Komainu in Iimori shrine

Shishi (Lion) in Monjudo temple

Buddhist invocation service
at Monjudo temple

purification service
at Iimori shrine

  In the time of Tenmei period, there is the Tenmei Famine and many people died from starvation. It is said that "shishimawashi" began to fend off famine.

  Shishi (the lion) is a charm against evil influence. "Koma-inu", a pair of the images of lion-like animals on pedestals, was placed in front of Shinto shrines. They are symbolic guardians of a shrine. In Buddhist temples, a pair of guardian Deva kings called "Nio" was placed. Going around the town by carrying shishi, people expel the angel of death, and block all crimes and impurity in the town by the supernatural power of shishi.

  On July 25, 6pm, the young man and children dressed in the happi coat receive Buddhist invocation service and purification service. After the service, they drink omiki at the shrine, and then start visiting houses of the town. They visit the houses while crying aloud to threaten and cover people's head with a lion at the front door. Even though children cry and frozen with the scary face of shishi, their parents are relieved when they receive the power of shishi so that their children can survive safely during this summer.

> Lion dancers, musicians and children go from house to house.

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